Same Price Guarantee
Terms & Conditions

The current advertiser must be an authorized dealer within Canada of the same product, manufacturer and model number. Misprints and errors will be excluded. 

Authorized internet pricing from Canadian sellers will qualify. Advertised prices must be in Canadian dollars, the item must be in-stock for immediate delivery and final delivery/shipping charges to your address will be taken into account for all web order items.

In the case where we provide special package pricing or include bonus items or services such as delivery or installation, we will then pro-rate the value of the item qualifying for Same Price Guarantee.

If the advertised product/pricing is based on limited quantities, demonstrators, clearance, discontinued, limited time offers or refurbished goods the Same Price Guarantee will not apply.  We will be happy to discuss a fair solution.


Please contact us for further information and support and we look forward to providing you peace of mind pricing everyday!