Top three things to consider when purchasing outdoor speakers


You may love your music indoors when you play it on your 2 channel audio system or when you stream music to additional rooms (music zones) to other areas of the house.  However, many people think of music playback for outdoors as an afterthought. With better weather upon us and a late Spring this year, there is still time to create an outside music zone.

One:  Always look for outdoor rated speakers (the most important of all)!  A speaker system rated for outdoor use will be able stand up to changing weather conditions all year round.  This means you can leave your speakers permanently installed on your patio or mounted on the side of an exterior wall.  We see clients installing their formerly used older speakers and placing them outside but the Aldergrove winters will wear them down and eventually lead to weather erosion and no sound.

Two:   “Build Quality” - with some consumer electronic brands producing “affordable” options, quality usually takes a hit and “cheap build quality” comes up.  We see inferior plastic speaker cabinets and unhappy clients having to upgrade their outdoor speaker systems in less than half the time they should have to.  Do not waste your money on the $99 outdoor speaker pair special.  Ask the right questions to ensure your new speakers will stand up to the climate for long time enjoyment

Three:   Hardwired speaker solutions.  Wireless audio, Wi-Fi audio and Bluetooth audio are a gift to the audio industry however not totally perfected for outdoor use.  We see connectivity issues all the time and these issues usually come up when you have planned that perfect get together and have friends over to enjoy the outdoor living season.  Our team is experienced in hiding wiring and even offers wiring applications to bury the wire into the ground.  Each outdoor audio application requires certain style or type of wiring and we are there alongside to plan the entire process.  Don’t worry, once the speaker wires are hidden you can still control your music library from you wireless device or mobile phone!


At Aldergrove Audio Video Unlimited – We LOVE outdoor audio.  We carefully plan to create the optimal listening experience and will recommend products to blend into your outdoor landscape.  These speakers should blend in and not standout.  From outdoor rock speakers, landscape audio, ceiling speakers or wall mount speakers we have a solution waiting for you. 

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