Smart Home Tips for a Green Home this Spring


As we head into the month of May and start thinking about home and garden, DIY projects and outdoor living spaces it’s also a great time to think about upgrading your home to be GREEN, a smarter home if you’d like to say. With new smart home technologies now available by the likes of Control 4, this dream can easily become a reality in less time and budget you may be thinking of.

Here are three simple tips for going GREEN inspired by the good folks at Control 4 who, one of the leading home automation companies in North America.


Install a programmable thermostat: with energy expenses on the increase by service providers almost every year recently, you can do your part by installing a thermostat control that can be tuned to your comfort levels and fine tuned to save you money! If you were to set back the thermostat by 10 to 15 degrees for approximately 8 hours in most homes, you could save 5 percent or more on your heating bills.

Installing motion detectors for lighting: simply put, these sensors are designed to recognize when the room is occupied and thus increasing the light level and turning the lights off when there is nobody present. This is lighting on “cruise control” meaning you will enjoy further energy savings over time.

Program your system for morning and night modes: with Control 4 systems, you can program a “Sunset” and “Sunrise” sequence which will automatically turn off any lights that are left on outside the house as exterior lights are quite often forgotten about when many people are rushing to get out of the home in morning and leaving behind lights that could be left on for more than 8 hours for the day when at work. Don’t let it be an afterthought but rather program it for the ultimate in convenience and power savings.


These are just some of the conveniences of incorporating a simple Control 4 system into your home. Your home can be brand new or 100 years old for our team. We can install many standard systems within the day by integrating your home wireless internet with Control 4 Zigbee mesh system for robust and smooth operation.

We invite you to connect with us to learn more about these conveniences and ask us about anything you may have on your Smart Home wish list when it comes to control of home security, lighting controls, home theatre integration or other “cool tricks” you may want your home to perform – we would love to hear about it!