Paradigm Oasis landscape speakers - best value for premium audio?


One of our all-time favourite speaker brands is Canada’s very own Paradigm speaker company. Over the years, they have earned many awards and accolades for performance and value by the critics and continue to be a customer favourite for overall “bang for the dollar” audio buys. That being said, some may not be aware that Paradigm boasts and impressive lineup of outdoor speakers. Over the years, Paradigm has delivered different versions of their Stylus Series and Rock Monitor speakers. Each version has been tweaked over time and the overall performance has continuously improved. Both Paradigm Stylus and Paradigm Rock Monitor speakers are currently available and definitely the best versions to date and good fit for most backyard speaker installations and some of the best ranked in their respective weight classes.

With outdoor living spaces becoming more sophisticated, so are the offerings by Paradigm speakers. The outdoor space should be an oasis and something to look forward to after a long day of work. Having the right style of “greenery” and outdoor living furniture can only go so far without a source of music. Outdoor audio truly enhances the enjoyment factor and a must to maximize all zones of your number one investment - your home, your space!


Enter… Paradigm Oasis series landscape speakers. With new solutions from the Oasis lineup, you can now customize your outdoor listening system for your ultimate listening experience and to leave your friends jaws hanging when hosting your next outdoor BBQ event. The Oasis series is a Paradigm’s solution to compete with other brands premium landscape speakers but delivering much more sound for the dollar in our opinion.

Grow your system – just like your landscape design

Oasis landscape speakers are designed for future growth and upgrades. You can simply start with one pair of satellite speakers and then add additional speakers as your audio taste or living requirements grow. Future upgrades include additional satellite speakers in different driver sizes or even an underground subwoofer. An underground subwoofer? Yes, a true “ground shaker” will be something your friends tell other friends about. Paradigm Oasis series provides options to match your landscape size, your audio taste and your audio budget.

Smart design – keep it in your yard

Oasis series speakers feature patent-pending RED Technology which improves the performance of mid-range frequencies. Most outdoor speaker installations experience loss of sound as the audio waves escape the listening area due to the outdoor nature and not having walls to reflect sound waves. Paradigm has created a new speaker housing design to reduce this diffraction effect and improve the midrange audio performance which is so crucial for the ultimate outdoor listening experience.


DIY – plant them yourself and protect them

Paradigm Oasis landscape speakers can be mounted into the ground (ground stake) or other areas such as decking, trees or even under an eave. These speakers come with a twist style mounting cap that provides universal mounting options for the weekend DIY warriors. For colder months, these speakers come with an off-season cover that is water tight to protect the drivers for most Canadian Winters.

Springtime is the perfect time to think about your outdoor living space and audio to match. Our team at Aldergrove AVU is ready to plan out your landscape system and offer a complimentary site visit to your home to get things started. We invite you to connect with us to learn more and to inquire about current specials.