Declutter your audio video system for increased enjoyment

audio video declutter 1.jpg

At the start of each year many people set goals and resolutions for personal improvements. Some succeed and many fail at these lofty attempts. A big trend for 2019 is to declutter the home and to remove any overstock or distractions that are in the way of your day-to-day enjoyment of your personal space. So, why not apply this to your existing audio video system that you were so proud of when you first set it up? It’s time to rekindle that love and set a goal that you can actually achieve this year.

Here’s are take on the TOP 3 benefits you may experience with a refresh of your AV system:

Visual appeal:

You may have several audio components that make up your current AV system and are currently in plain view ( a sight that can’t be missed in your room). This is very common as the good old “rack system” can be in the form of a vertical audio rack or perhaps a horizontal style TV stand/console that comes with compartments to house these components underneath the television set. If you have one of these types of setups, then why not hide them in a discreet location instead and out of sight? For those with audio speakers with a smaller footprint, should consider the option to wall mount speakers to add further aesthetic value and free your floor from the speakers real estate.

Control from anywhere:

You may think, “If I hide these components, then how would I control them?”

Avoid the distractions to make it your true enjoyment time!

Avoid the distractions to make it your true enjoyment time!

Not a problem as we can supply do-it-yourself RF (radio frequency) or IR (infrared remote) wiring kits that allow for components to be hidden in cabinets, closets or even other rooms of the home. The room with your AV gear can even be on a different floor! All you need to do is use your universal remote control to command your system for what it needs to do and have your eyes focus on the viewing image only.

The feeling of high performance:

Once you have accomplished the task of hiding your components plus adding control from anywhere, this could lead to the FEEL factor (or system enjoyment factor) being increased when you are playing your favourite movies and music tunes. Think of this as your vehicle on that sunny day after you have washed and cleaned it. Once you have it cleaned and looking good, you then take it for a drive down the road and all of a sudden the vehicle feels new again or it almost feels like it drives faster or handles better – how is that possible? It’s the same vehicle but you have an increased enjoyment (the euphoria). The same goes for your audio video system as these new changes can lead to the same user feelings.

We encourage you to give it a try or to consult with our AV Team. Not only do we love audio video but a clean and tidy audio video system is something we love even more. You did the hard work in researching the system before buying it and bringing it home, now let’s make it a goal to keep it looking great and tuned for years of enjoyment. We invite you to connect with us to explore further. Let this be the year!