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Smart Home Tips for a Green Home this Spring

As we head into the month of May and start thinking about home and garden, DIY projects and outdoor living spaces it’s also a great time to think about upgrading your home to be GREEN, a smarter home if you’d like to say. With new smart home technologies now available by the likes of Control 4, this dream can easily become a reality in less time and budget you may be thinking of.

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Top three benefits of Smart Home technology

If you are planning on upgrading your home technology and installing smart home features throughout your home you will be interested to learn about the advantages that you could receive by upgrading some of the fixtures in your home to be smart home friendly. By understanding some of these benefits, you will begin to see why so many people are integrating smart technology into their homes nowadays.

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Selecting the right Audio Video company to work with

Aldergrove Audio Video Unlimited - We LOVE what we do and offer certified services for a solid partnership to complete your next home automation system, home theater installation, commercial a/v setup and much more.

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