Wireless Audio vs Pre-Wired Audio

If you are considering the option of wireless audio technology for your home, then you should still consider the idea of using pre-wire as an option before making the final decision.  Properly engineered wired systems with low voltage wire, versus an all wireless connection will ensure that you have better quality of sound and a more reliable system – more UP time!

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Having a guaranteed solid connection is made better by the type of wiring that you choose to include. The wiring that we include can be fire rated and it goes far beyond the typical speaker wire that you would usually install in a high fidelity audio system. The FT4 cables that we run are designed for fire and smoke damage prevention in communications cables. They have an excellent rating within cable routes and they can be used in almost any area of the home. For running cables in a plenum air space within the home, we can also offer the installation FT6 rated cables.

With the use of these low-profile wires, you can make sure that there is less interference with your wireless system. It is surprising how much interference can actually make its way into an audio system from smart phone devices or even your home cordless phone. There could be nothing more embarrassing than trying to enjoy one of your favorite songs at a party only to have constant interference from your guest’s smart phones. If you are truly committed to having a consistent experience with your speakers and an extremely high definition quality of audio, pre-wiring remains an essential element to wireless technologies.

We can help to make recommendations on the best types of speakers that you should install for wireless audio technology for their longevity as well as their sound quality. We want to make sure that you can get the discrete wireless look that you have been seeking and with minimal wiring and clutter that can get in the way.

If you are interested in improving the sound quality of your home with a set of wireless speakers it's a good idea to consider looking for a solution that can accept pre-wiring for audio. We can perform the full installation to make sure that you can get the high-quality sound options that you have been looking for. The crew at Aldergrove Audio Video Unlimited will ensure your wireless network is up to speed should you decide to go the wireless route and if you decide to pre-wire we will carefully plan with you to ensure a seamless system installation.  Contact our team for more info today.