Selecting the right Audio Video company to work with


Not all home A/V integrators are created equally.  Selecting the right company for your next Smart Home project, home automation upgrade or commercial audio-video installation is not an easy task.  At Aldergrove Audio Video Unlimited we take great pride in managing your A/V project but also managing your stress along the way in order to get the job done on time and on budget. 

Here is our TOP 3 list of what you should consider when hiring an A/V company for your next project.

System Planning

After years of successfully planning and installing systems all across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, it is clear that early planning and communication are the keys to success in the completion of the project.

We start with a complimentary site visit at your home, workplace or project site to fully understand the “layout of the land” and discuss what’s possible to meet your needs and wish-list.  If your project has not “broken ground” yet, we are prepared to meet with your designers or planners to review blueprints and discuss the system potential.  We believe in spending extra time in this planning stage as it will save all parties time, stress and money.  After a successful discovery stage we will then proceed to preparing a detailed proposal outlining system costs by stage and by various zones as you request.  It is imperative that we have the system plan in writing for our client’s full review and approval before we proceed.  Too many companies are working “on the fly” and that leaves too much opportunity for additional systems costs to be added later.  We believe it is best to do all the research up front and discuss in full detail what the entire process will look like so you can focus on managing other aspects of your project and daily life.

After Sales service - Performance & Maintenance

Today’s systems require ongoing maintenance and updates.  As most A/V components have some sort of SMART function or online/web capability.  It is common for components to go through firmware and software updates over time.  We offer a Guaranteed Performance Plan that ensures your system will perform at optimal levels for as long as we work with you.  We also take into account that a system component may need to be serviced, removed and reinstalled into your setting and in this case, our team will provide on-site support and take the item away if need be to be in order to be repaired or replaced.  Aldergrove Audio Video Unlimited is your true partner in ensuring you achieve best system performance along the way.

Industry Certifications & Affiliations

Credentials, do they matter?!  YES.  Not only are we a certified Control 4 Dealer we are also a CEDIA Member.


Control 4 certification means we are authorized in selling and installing products from Control 4 and their select automation partner companies products.  Control 4 has become one of the top/elite brands when it comes to Smart Home Automation and we are proud to offer their products as a part of our ACES Smart Home program.

CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) is an international trade organization for the home audio-video industry. As a CEDIA Member we specialize in planning, design and best installation practices for the A/V systems industry.  We hold ourselves highly accountable and adhere to a high code of ethics and principles as a part leading to a trusted partnership with our clients.  Our entire team is consistently learning, seeking new education and systems training to stay on top of today’s technology trends and installations practices.  We also carry liability insurance as a part of our services to protect all parties during the process.

In summary, at Aldergrove Audio Video Unlimited we LOVE what we do and are honoured each and every time a new client connects with us.  We conduct most of our business through previous client referrals and accept a referral as a big “pat on the shoulder” for a job well done.  We look forward to connecting with you for your next home theater installation, home automation system or commercial audio-video setup.  We appreciate the opportunity - Connect with us to learn more.