Setup your home sound system for Holiday Parties


If you are planning an upcoming holiday party and you want to focus on enhancing your overall guest experience it is important to set up your home sound system for ease of use. Improving guest experience means having a quality sound system from the likes of Denon HEOS, Sonos or Paradigm Wireless systems so that multiple guests could sync with your sound system and create their own unique experience.

When your guests arrive at the party it's likely that they may ask for your wireless password as everyone is engaging with their smartphones (instead of actual people)! Making your audio system easy to connect for your guests with the touch of a button could ensure that any guest can easily pair with your sound system via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These types of features are available from some of the top brands that we mentioned earlier including Sonos and more.


These sound systems and their built in apps allow you to sync together the playlists in each room so that your guests can have be patched into an enjoyable listening experience. You could queue up a series of holiday classic playlists and have them playing throughout the house in advance or let your guests play as a DJ for the party.

Another great way that you can improve the sound quality for your holiday party is to have two or three playlists ready for your guests. If you have multiple floors on your house you could have one set of speakers that are playing modern holiday classics sung by contemporary artists and another floor of your house that plays a series of holiday classic instrumentals. By getting creative with the playlists and having the option to push playlists to several speakers around your home, you can build seamless experiences or multiple experiences within your Christmas party.

If you are planning on hosting a party this holiday season consider upgrading your home sound system or setting things up to improve guest experience before you start sending out invitations!

Our team is ready to assist with your wired and wireless speaker setups. We’ll ensure your wireless mesh network is strong to avoid any music dropouts this Holiday Season. Connect with us to learn more.