OLED TV vs LED TV – Should you buy OLED TV?


If you are weighing the option of purchasing a brand new television, it's likely that you've been presented with the choice of investing in an OLED TV or a LED flat screen. While you may immediately notice the difference in price it's important to consider some of the benefits that you can receive by investing in an OLED TV which sets the current peak standards for television technology.

Comparing OLED TV vs LED:

LED television gets its name from the term, light emitting diode. The screen is made up of a series of solid-state devices that each make up a small pixel on a television. Each LED will illuminate a small cluster of pixels on the television and this can lead to higher resolution rates than traditional LCD television models.

OLED televisions are organic light emitting diode displays and they have been around since 2013. OLED technology is the current high quality standard for all televisions on the market today. OLED technology can create a television that's thinner, has a higher contrast rate, better response rate and improvements to the viewing angle experience. As an added bonus OLED televisions are also a little bit more efficient than LED televisions which help with annual energy savings.


OLED televisions are revered for their ability to produce higher levels of black level performance. When OLED pixels are turned off completely they go to an absolute black state and this leads to a more defined sharpness within the television (plus better energy consumption rates). Although there are no direct resolution improvements between OLED and LED, you will notice a clear difference in picture quality.

In our opinion the best current OLED models are built by Sony. The Sony XBR OLED series is perhaps some of the most technologically advanced and beautiful televisions on the market today. Getting your hands on one of these beauties could be an excellent way to have a crisp and clear display that's perfect for your home theatre and everyday TV viewing experience.

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